San Francisco Accused Bomber

Hazardous Material Team

Ryan Kelly Chamberlain a graduate from Iowa State University, with a major in Journalism. He was living a normal life in the suburbs of San Francisco. Until drastic accusations were made.

As of Saturday that all changed when a house warrant was placed to search Chamberlain’s home. Chamberlain’s home was raided by the FBI, San Francisco Police Department, fire department, and the hazardous material team, finding explosive materials and chemicals there found that may be able to kill if not handled correctly.

On Sunday, the FBI launched a nationwide manhunt for 42 year old Ryan Kelly Chamberlain. Ryan is 6’3 in height and weights 225 lbs. A Caucasian male, with blue eyes and brown hair. Chamberlain was seen was Sunday night, driving a white 2008 Nissan Altima, wearing a blue sweeter and blue jeans.

Ryan Kelly Chamberlain

Chamberlain motives remain a mystery, but he is considered armed and dangerous for the public safety. He could be anywhere in California, the U.S or by now the Mexican border.

New update from Chamberlain have been posted up on his social media accounts. In which appears to be a suicide note, that was placed automatically to his Facebook page were he wrote about his fail relationships, depression, and failures to be recognized. Due to this tragic life he sat for days in torment on the couch watching dark television.

As of 10:30 am June 2nd, Chamberlain posted on his social media websites saying, “A panicked update to my letter that should have posted by now. Nothing they’re reporting is true. No ‘stashes.’ Not ‘armed and dangerous.’ No ‘car rigged to explode.’ I explored some ugly websites, a year-ish ago,”. Perhaps it is possible that these accusations made by the FBI are false and a lonely sad man is being accused under false pretenses.

The FBI as of now has no leads on Chamberlain’s whereabouts and are using any resources to find him. The FBI has contacted any witness available such as neighbors, friends, family and co-workers. This incident is an on going situation till the man is found and no reports of serious danger have been made till further notice.