Halloween History

Halloween History

History of Halloween


Where did Halloween come from? Is it a myth, a religion or an imaginary story? Halloween is a holiday celebrated on the 31st of October. The word “Halloween” comes from the holiday All Hallows’ also known as All Saints’ Eve. The origin of Halloween comes from the Celtic festival, also known as Samhain. Costumes were used to imitate evil spirits and appeal them by the way they would dress. During this time period,  people thought that the dead would return as ghosts. The townspeople would leave food and wine in front of their door so the roaming Screenshot_2014-10-08-22-01-13ghosts would eat it. Children would go around with pumpkins and collect wine, money, and food from the adults.  For an exchange the children would have to sing for the special gifts.


We asked students various questions on the subject, 11th grader Carlos Rodriguez said this in his interview.

Lesly Alvarez, a 10th grader said this in her interveiw.

Loudres Hernadez, a 11th grader said this in her interview. 

It’s amazing how Halloween has changed over time. It has revolutionized from praising evils spirits to pumpkin carving. Trick or treating, Halloween parties,princess costumes  and short inappropriate costumes are all part of the Halloween celebrations that take place each year. As opposed to the 19th century, in which Halloween costumes were based solely on your gender, in today’s societyimages people have become so liberal that some wear revealing costumes. For example, if you were a guy you would dress as a girl. It is currently year 2014, and the most common costumes are now based on the media and celebrities.  Which tradition do you like best? The old scary Halloween or the new jolly version of it?