Columbus day or Indigenous people day?

For years we have been celebrating Columbus Day without knowing if the history was true or if it even exist. Many have said that Columbus did not really discover America. Does colombus really deserve a day in his honor or should Columbus day be changed into ‘Indigenous people day” As the years progress many have become angered and hostile about the topic. Many people whose ancestors were the native americans have faced discrimination and criticism. ‘”This is about taking a stand against racism and discrimination,” Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant told the Seattle Times. “Learning about the history of Columbus and transforming this day into a celebration of indigenous people and a celebration of social justice … allows us to make a connection between this painful history and the ongoing émarginalization, discrimination and poverty that indigenous communities face to this day.”’(link). “Other claim Columbus day should stay as is because if doesn’t it would be an insult.”This is a big insult to those of us of Italian heritage. We feel disrespected,” Seattle resident Ralph Fascitelli told The Associated Press Monday, after his city council voted to redesignate the holiday.”(link).What might be the correct thing to do?

We asked one of the juniors here at Ánimo Pat Brown ,José Garcia and he said, “I think its great because he is the one who discovered America and we should celebrate it” when he was asked about what he thought about Columbus Day. He also was asked if they should change the name into ‘Indigenous People Day’ Jose said, “No, because he is the one who discovered it why would they change it.”After reading our story has your opinion changed? is it the same? comment below your opinion.



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  1. In my opinion colombus day should be celebrated because I do think he did discovered America. Also, it should not be changed into indigenous people day because may people would feel insult and it just wouldn’t be right.

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