Motherload of an Illegal Fireworks bust!!

Motherload of an Illegal Fireworks bust!!

Accorrding to recent news, 22 Tons of illegal fireworks were found in a strategically located abandoned warehouse in the City of Opportunity, also known as the Gardena. The fireworks found in the warehouse had a street value of around $400, 000 dollars. Unfortunately,  every fourth of July numerous amounts of people desire to purchase fireworks, but they are either expensive or just lack fun. To take a case in point, a regular family pack will be sold at a cost of around $120 to $200 dollars. Therefore, people are persuaded to purchase these fireworks that have a bigger effect and that are of a more reasonable price.

Ordinary family packages all legal.

Authorities only expected there to be approximately 18 tons, but when they found out that is was actually 22 they took measures into their own hands and decided to bust this on going operation. With an alliance between the El Monte Police Department and the Los Angeles Fire Department, authorities were able to arrest six individuals that were responsible for guarding the warehouse as well as serving as accomplices. As a result, they were given consequences of felony charges.

These criminals that supported the act of selling illegal fireworks were given felony charges.

To make sure that these illegal fireworks never got to the hands of innocent people the Los Angeles Fire Department decided to burn  only about ten percent  in a safe zone of the entire 40, 000 pounds of illegal pyrotechnics. According to a private investigator it was mentioned that the potency of the illegal fireworks can reach unprecedented levels of harm. For example, if handed not properly then they can blow off ones hand away, the powder released can cause harm to the lungs if inhaled too frequently,  lastly they can be fatal if given to children.

Neighborhood thoughts:

Leonidas Rubacalva believes that it depends on the incident on having illegal fireworks, if they are “clean” or if they were just doing it for the money then they should be fined, but if they have a criminal record then a more severe consequence should be placed forth.

Hector Jurado believes that the criminals should be thrown in jail because of the damage they could have possibly done to the populace  especially the locals. Although, they might be fun to watch at that is why amusement parks like Disney are for,  to go watch a fireworks show. Not for the people to use on their own for there are unintended consequences that can lead to serious health issues that people do not think about when purchasing “cheap” things.

Edward Lopez believes that they were placing other people in danger by selling these illegal fireworks. Nonetheless, they do it on a basis of supply and demand therefore, they only sell the fireworks because people are going to purchase them, but yet again people have to realize that these fireworks are illegal and are fatal not only for adults but also for children that are not fully aware of the potential of the perilous fireworks.

To make sure that YOU are not purchasing illegal fireworks look at the list below:


  1. M-80
  2. M-100 Silver Salute
  3. M-250
  4. M-1000
  5. Magnum Tremors
  6. Uber Goods
  7. Wife Revenge
  8. Anxiety Attack
  9. Dirty Bit
  10. The Punisher

Keep in mind these are just names of a few that are the most popular there are a lot more out there so, this Fourth of July if you celebrate make sure that you purchase safe and legal fireworks.