Easter Day

raz-easter-2014     Our traditional ways of celebrating Easter include having a get together with each of our families and hiding eggs for the little kids. Overall, some do not partake in this tradition any more because people are growing up or just forgetting about it. Easter should be about spending time family, making carne asada (or barbecue); something to have a great time. Easter is fun to many people that celebrate it because many families get to bond with each other. It is a moment that brings memories to everyone that enjoys every piece of it even though it is a small holiday.

   Easter day gets celebrated by having real eggs filled up with confetti or flour, then you paint the egg shell however you want . This is something really fun  that gets the family to work out together. The traditional Easter bunny is a great symbol of Easter for the reason of them giving birth during spring time. Easter is the day that brings out the joy of kids all around the world when it comes to this day trying to find treasure, but instead they are finding chocolate or even money. Guess this tradition will never stop no matter what because to many  families that have little cousins or siblings that would want this to happen in their childhood like having the adventures to see that not all holidays have to be big like Christmas or New Years.



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