Disneyland’s Ticket Costs Rise Angering Visitors

When one thinks of Disneyland, we think of it as “the happiest place on earth”, right? Then why are many contradicting that statement?

Disney tacitly rose their single day admission tickets, which caused much anger towards its visitors. Not only did the prices surprised visitors because they had no idea that Disney had done such a thing, but they also felt angry because Disney no longer offered the Southern California Annual Passport.

What was special about the Southern California Annual passport was that it allowed pass holders into one of the 2 theme parks on Sunday, for free. Oh, and it was also very cheap, therefore, very popular, which is actually something difficult to find in a Disney area.

When customer went to the Disney website to purchase the cheap priced pass, they were astounded that the website claimed the pas was no longer “available for purchase”.

Many familys were dissapointed because Disney rose its price by $4, the single admission ticket now being $96 for visitors ages 10 and up. For visitors under the age of 10, $4 were also added to the single addmisison ticket, the price now being $90.

The new prices were enough to deter visitors to hault them from visiting the attraction. Many, and most families are dissapointed because Disney did not warm them when they decided to increase their prices. This could have been rich information for many families so they could have saved a couple more dollars when they attended the theme park instead of being surprised with what the tickets were priced at the location.

According to Tina Hayes who visited Disneyland even after the price increase, she states that her parents will no longer go to the theme park “simply due to its expensive admission tickets. They won’t do it” Hayes said. “To stand in long lines and pay a million dollars just to go for one day.”

Disneyland has raised its admission tickets at least once a year for the past few years.

Since many families are angered due to the lack of information about the increase of ticket prices, Disney defend its position by stating, “Like any business, we periodically evaluate our prices ad make adjustments.”

Just imagine all the things you can buy with a $100 bill, if you weren’t using it to buy yourself ONE ticket into Disneyland to wait in long, tiring lines to get on a 2 minute ride.

The table below shows the price increases from the year 1971-2013. However, updates still need to be made to this table, now showing that ticket prices are now up to $96 per person in 2014.



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