How to afford college

Going to college is one of the most expensive responsibilities to pay for. Most people are never near the amount of money that is necessary for college because the cost is way out of hand. Moreover, this is why most students rely on financial aid, scholarships, grants, or student loans. However, even is these are their money resources, some money does have to be payed back to the government. For instance, students loans can come as unsubsidized, which are loans with no interest rates; whereas, subsidized loans do come with an interest rate. Interest rates can vary from private, public, or Ivy League schools. The question now is, how does one afford college?


Here are some of the costs for different schools.


>  UCLA: $33,193 for residents, and non-residents $56,071

>NYU: $64,047

>Harvard: $68,050

>CSUFullerton: $15,506

>Santa Monica Community College: $10,268


This is what some people had to say:


What college are you attending or attended?


>“I plan to attend a four year university (UC Davis).”- Daisy Cuevas


> “I attended Mount San Antonio Community College, then transferred to UCLA to finish undergrad school. For grad school I attended Stanford University.”- Mr.Villagomez


>”I went to the University of Delaware

How are you planning to pay for college cost?


>”Some of my college funds were covered by the school itself and fafsa, but I still do need to pay a quite amount from my own pocket. I will use loans if it is necessary, I plan to get a job during the summer so that can help me with some of the basic funds and I also have my parents who are supporting me financially.”- Daisy Cuevas


>”I had a part time job, and tutored, but I also took out loans.”- Mr.Villagomez

>”I was very lucky, I got a scholarship, first choice school, academic scholarship through the school. Was fortunate because I had an uncle, and he loved me, and he started college funds since we were babies, and when he passed he left us all the money to pay for college. Set aside my parents were also able o help out.”-Ms.Siemientkowski


What do you recommend to other students on using their college money wisely?


>”I recommend students to use their money only towards college funds because taking out loans isn’t a bad idea but there can be a high percentage amount of interest and that can really affect one, when trying to pay back loans. I also believe students should try to see if they can get books rented if possible instead of buying them, and also look for many deals when buying supplies. Something I am highly considering is rooming with 2 other people and that really does lower my room and board cost. I am trying to find ways to reduce the amount of things so i won’t end up being in debt. Just before you make a money decision think about it twice and if there’s no other way you can think of that can get you to save money then just go with the only option you have. But yeah one has to get use to spending money on things they need not on other things that can affect them  later.”- Daisy Cuevas

>”Work part time if you can afford to do that, and save up money. Going to a community college first really helps because the amount of money wasn’t as high. Don’t waste money on things you don’t urgently need.”- Mr.Villagomez

>”Pick a college you can afford, ideal situation is to go to a school you are likely not going to have debt. A student loan can have debt follow you all along through life. It is more secure to not get in debt to have better credit. If that means that not buying cute things, just make the sacrifice. Research scholarships left and right, and get all that money.”-Ms.Siemientkowski

Paying for college funds is no easy task. Several college students have to work at least two jobs just to finish paying for college. Some high school seniors work hard to receive scholarships, they either get a full ride, or half scholarships. The people who get full rides don’t have to worry for paying for college at all. Although, if one does not receive a scholarship, they can always receive help from financial aid. Financial aid is a very helpful way for paying for some part of college. However, financial aid does not cover everything, they just give you money per semester to help you with the most essential needs,even so it is said to be very beneficial. Since most people who attend college aren’t able to pay for it, they always end up borrowing money from the school and end up in debt. Depending on how much someone borrows, they can end up in debt for a long time. Even after finishing college and having a successful career many people stay in debt and have to keep paying for a long period of time.

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