FT.Hood Shooting in Texas Military base

In Killeen, Texas–home of the Fort Hood Army base– there was a shooting in which there were several reported deaths and injuries. The shooter is a veteran who was there being treated for mental health issues at the base Fort Hood.

This is not the first time in which a shooting has taken place in Fort Hood. A former army soldier which was then a psychiatrist in 2009. He bought a gun from the store guns galore which is also where Ivan lopez the recent shooter also bought his gun. In the 2009 shooting in which Nidal Malik Hasan was the shooter he took away 13 lives and leaving more than 30 with injuries. In the time that he had been serving there his colleagues had been concerned about his behavior and the way he said things. There has been no reason found as to why he did what he did except that he did it himself without any influence from anybody else. Hasan is currently in jail waiting for his execution despite waiting on the case to be  reviewed by courts of appeals.Hasan nidal.jpgNidal Malik Hasan

Ivan Lopez who was being evaluated for traumatic stress disorder. On Wednesday April 2nd, 2014 opened fire shooting at the innocent bystanders at the base. He killed 3 and injured others before killing himself. The reasons for his actions are yet to be discovered and are being searched to see if there is any. The only times which Lopez had been deployed for service he was only driving the trucks. He did not see any live action in the war while he was in Iraq. “Lopez received nine medals from the Army: two commendation medals, four achievement medals and three good conduct medals.”(Ft. Hood shooting: Gunman bought weapon at same store as Nidal Hasan) Lopez had actually had nice accomplishments in the army and had been rewarded for them.Ivan Lopez is seen on the right side of the image.

         Every time a tragic event like this happens  it makes the Nation wonder why these things happen and what is the reason for them happening. These events leave the nation in awe as they happen so sudden and no one sees them coming. The worst thing of all is that in happen inside of the nations “Protector”.


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