Schools on Lockdown While Police Confront Man with Gun

You many have heard about the stabbing that happened in Pennsylvania in Franklin Regional Senior High School, where 20 students and 1 staff member were stabbed by a 16 year old student.

Similarly, there are 7 schools lock down in Tustin while police officers had a gun confrontation with an armed man. The man was said to be carrying a riffle that was wrapped in his sweatshirt when he was confronted by the police.

The Tustin police department received a call that there was a “suspicious” man in the 1600 block of Nissan Road that said that a man may be dangerous to the community and he may be carrying around a weapon that is wrapped around in his sweatshirt.

Even though some shots were fired, the Tustin police do not really know how many shots were fired or if both the police or the suspect fired their weapon. It is also not clear if the suspect was hurt during the shooting.

Since the area of the incident consists of many residents and many public areas, the police decided to place 7 schools on lock down to make sure everyone is safe.


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