13 Year After Robbery Punishment

It seems that a man named Mike Anderson that was drunk was convicted of a crime that he admitted for robbing a burger king assistant employee late at night in the year 2000. He was then freed by bond, which a prosecutor had thought Anderson was in jail. Anderson’s lawyer knew this error in the documents and knew that the authorities have to be responsible to arrest Anderson when they found out. Throughout those 13 years Anderson lived his life with his wife and his kids, but with fear of authorities coming to his house and arresting him.After 13 years later the authorities realized this mistake and accused Anderson of going to jail and pay his punishment.

Now Anderson is in jail thinking it is no use because it’s not right for serving his time in jail now that 13 years have past. Anderson has a feeling that he knows he is going to get out of jail. He says he has been a good person throughout those years. Additionally, since he’s  a good person those years he helped his children with their education and was a coach for a baseball team at a local park. He also thought about the fact of turning himself in, but he didn’t for the fact that it was the authorities fault for not realizing their mistake they committed.



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