New Year Resolutions 2014

As the year of 2014 begins many people had made their own new year resolutions which eventually fail until the end of January. For instance, people pick the hardest resolution that they know they would not keep, instead one can choose an easier resolution that would be kept. As many people might have already broke their new year’s resolution one can start over and finish what one has already started. Many people do not work their resolutions due to the fact that all celebrations include eating and drinking. People begin to fail or just because they do not want to accomplish their resolution anymore.

APB students have made their new year resolutions, BUT are they going to keep it until its accomplished?

Zuleima Carrillo, a junior at APB, said, “My new year resolution is to lose weight by eating healthier and by joining zumba. There is a possibility I would not meet my resolution, but I will try.” An anonymous junior said, “My new year resolution is to lose weight by eating healthier. I will keep my new year resolution by joining basketball.”

Senior, Arely Sarabia said, “My new year resolution is to graduate high school by June. I will keep my resolution by transferring to another school to get help.”

Freshman, Gregory Chaparro said, “My new year resolution is to catch up on working on my grades. I will keep it by staying after school and study.”

Sophomore, Yanelli Isaiz Ramirez said, “My new year resolution is to be responsible. I will keep it by doing all my completed homework on time.”

Advice to keep your resolution

1. Keep trying. Do not lose hope of making your resolution impossible to achieve. For instance, if one gives up then what good use is it if your trying to fall in the tensions of making your resolution break in the beginning of the year.

2.If a person can not manage their resolution then one can find options on how to achieve their resolutions by outlining how to achieve it. For instance, grab a friend or someone that will help achieve your resolution.

3. Make it something you really want. Being specific can be helpful on how to keep your resolution that can make you want it. For instance, if you want to lose weight you should want to see yourself be in shape and how fit your going to look.

4. Stay consistent. Enjoy the process that will make you keep your resolution going. For instance, in order to make sure its completed you need to get used to the goal you had set for yourself to maintain your resolution.

5. Make a step by step list. This will  make your resolution possible to attain. For instance, make a list of what you can do during the whole day to make sure you do not fall.



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