Drought v. Mini Gold Rush

d74031051d579d0c4f0f6a7067006ab8_originalApparently California’s drought is revealing small gold in Sierra Nevada foothills. Many people that go for a walk easily find gold thinking that it was a rock or dirt; eventually they find out that it is gold. Many people go to Sierra Nevada foothills to find the mini gold rush that is worth a lot, but think it is pointless because they want to find a large amount or size of gold. Many people are taking advantage of this drought even though they should care more about the drought than the mini gold  rush being found. Many people may think that the drought is not that important than the mini gold rush, but it is because the drought can get worst as years go by if people do not act right now.

This is great news for many people, but the main question is do they care more about the drought or by the mini gold rush that is being found? In reality more people in the world will be more interested in finding the mini gold rush, but what will APB students respond to this discovery?

Sophomore, Stephanie Miranda responds that both the mini gold rush and the drought is important when she states, “Both are important because for the drought we need to take care of it so that it won’t get worst and for the gold it can help you in economic problems.”

Junior, Monica Diaz responds that mini gold rush is more important when she states, “I think finding gold [is important] because that can help many people get through the drought because during the drought many problems are caused like people become sick and stuff and the [discovered] gold can be like money can help many people get cure or can help many them get food and other supplies they need.”

Senior, Marcos Hernandez responds that the drought is significantly more important when he states, “ I think the drought is way more important than the mini gold rush because we need to take care of the plants and the world.”

 My opinion is that the drought is more important because what will happen if we let the years pass by and the drought gets even worse. Everyone should be concerned about the drought because water could go up getting limited because there is hardly rain in California.



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