Russia VS The USA and Ukraine

Unfortunately, the Ukrainian people(Russians) overthrew the government, which includes Crimean people as well, and fervently urged Putin to take Ukraine and Crimea back. Although, this is what most of Russian people want in Ukraine, there are other people who want to remain independent and just be one.Therefore, this is where The USA comes in because they are trying to help the original Ukrainian people maintain in their home country. Ever since this problem arose, there has been major tension between the USA and Russia because Putin is angered at the fact that, The USA is trying to interfere in Ukraines and Russias problem.

We can analyze Putins anger towards America during an interview by Washington Post when he states, “He argued that Western historical narrative of these things has twisted; that US- led military actions in places such as Kosovo and Libya had been illegitimate, and that America’s reaction to Crimea referendum was, at best, naive and hypocritical” (Washington Post).Throughout most of the 20th century, Ukraine and Crimea were part of Russia, but around 1991 Ukraine and Crimea got their independence, becoming two different countries. However, even if Crimea has its independence and governor, it’s considered part of Ukraine. Since Ukraine was part of Russia most people in Ukraine are Russian and speak Russian. When Crimea and Ukraine split from Russia there were tensions and problems of wanting to become part of Russia, but most people didn’t want to.

So how does this affect us, and why should we care?

During World War 2, Britain, Russia, and the US were allies to help each other defeat Hitler and Tojo. Right after WW2, the USSR and US were in rocky roads with their friendship due to political, economical, and ideological dissimilarties. The US supported Capitalism, which is the belief that one gains it’s amount of money through competition; whereas, Communism is the idea where everyone has equal amounts of money, no one above or below. Along the same lines, the situation in which we are faced in now with Russia is that they took over Ukraine and Crimea, which is a threat to us, but also the entire world. It is dangerous for Russia to expand because it is the biggest country in the world, and 2nd most powerful country, along with the US being number 1. However, it is more essential for the US to make sure that Russia remains its size because at the end of The Cold War, in 1991, Russia and The US didn’t end in stable terms. The tension have always remained, and todays situation can provoke war, and maybe even WW3. If war were to  break out against Russia and the US, it would be awful because it’s two world powers against each other, which can basically destroy the world. In today’s day, every country has nuclear weapons and can come in handy if necessary. The world is already in harmful positions and another war wouldn’t be helpful. Moreover, the main idea is that we should take into consideration the problems around the world, and where the US decides to interfere because not only does it provoke problems,  but we the people can be in very life threatening stands. Even if America is the strongest country, we do have a lot of enemies, and can one day decide to attack us, resulting in the ends of the USA. We should care about this dilemma because Russia is a threat to the US, and there is a possibility of war, and massive destruction. America has always been the Motherland to other countries in need, and we should try to remain that way because that’s our purpose.


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