Bounce House in the Sky



On May 7th, an incident occurred in New York where two kids were being blown away while inside a bounce house and ended up getting injured. A five and six year old were inside the bounce house while the bounce house was being blown away by a strong wind storm. A similar event occurred in New York 2011, at a sports festival, there was a bounce house for children was also blown away. Luckily, people were able to prevent it from occurring due to this there were no injuries. The bounce house that flew away recently ended up going 20ft  up in  the sky which led to the two boys to be severely injured. One of the boys  that was in the bounce house ended up with broken bones and the other hit his head on a car. The two boys were immediately sent to the hospital.

Some people thought that the incident  was the bounce house instructors fault because he probably set the bounce house incorrectly. However, others think that it wasn’t his fault because they saw with their own eyes that he correctly completed all the steps. Since most believed it was not his fault, they did not press charges against the instructor.

Animo Pat Brown teacher Ms.Bruski stated, “It sounds like it was his fault in the sense that it was his responsibility. It was his job to make everything safe, he should have been more attentive to the environment around him.”  Another member of Animo Pat Brown staff, Martha said, “It was both of their fault because the kids could have messed with the jumper and disconnected something, but it could have also been the guys fault because he did not tie the jumper properly.” Ms. Bruski also said that the bounce house should have come with some thorough instructions of how to set it up and monitor it incase of a strong wind.”