Colombia Bus Catches On Fire



In Colombia on Sunday May 18th, an overcrowded bus lit on fire causing 32 people to die, most which are known to be children from ages 14 and down.The bus was returning from an event from church when the bus caught on fire. A witness said that the bus driver went to go buy a drink while the children put gasoline into the vehicle tank.

Leaving children to put gasoline into the vehicle tank was very irresponsible because they are just kids, they don’t know how to put gasoline into a tank. If they put gasoline into the tank they are obviously going to do something incorrect. The driver committed a reckless action by having the kids do something as dangerous as that.

Only eighteen people survived the fire. The driver was one of the few people who survived and is now being questioned. Another survivor, who happens to be a child stated, “Everyone started to scream and run,” he described, he also stated how he managed to escape, which was by climbing out of a window.

Officials are still trying to determine what could have been the cause of the fire.

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