Elliot Rodger

Friday night was typical day in Santa Barbara, classes were led out, students ready to have some fun but little did they know that sophomore Elliot Roger had planned an atrocity to hurt the people of Santa Barbara. For a massive time span of ten months Rodger planned this devious plan to murder any bystander.

Elliot Rodger was no ordinary boy, Rodger was constantly visited his therapist and even wrote an 141 pg manifesto blatantly named “My Twisted World”. So of course this boy’s actions could have been prevented by the therapist, but were never reported.



On the night of this massacre Rodger released his final testimony on his YouTube channel regarding the  reasons behind his intended action. On his final video Rodger stated “Tomorrow is the day of retribution. The day in which I will have my revenge on humanity”

Of course the first question that comes to mind is why? The reason behind Rodger’s intentions were derived from being deprived of love and affection from the female gender.In result he searched for ‘retribution” and total annihilation. As a result of the massacre 7 including Rodger were shot and stabbed, 13 wounded.

There were 9- 10 different crime scene where here shed a trail of blood. It was reported that Rodger stabbed 3 victims first in his apartment complex then drove a distance of 115 miles make stops at sorority house and shot multiple people, killing three students. Then he drove to a convenience store where he shoot the people inside of it. A police pursuit began, which led to the question of whether Rodger shot himself or the police shot him.


Ms.Ramos formal student at UC Santa Barbara stated, ” I attended UC Santa Barbara from September 2003 to June 2007. It was a great experience. Yes I have heard about the shootings and I have actually been close to the incident and followed the story. I think that in order to protect the citizens there should be a combination of rules of gun regulation that are more strict. I believed that there should be more strict laws to own guns but also there should be a partnership with NRA and the Mental Health Department.”

Christopher Cornejo stated, ” When you have a therapist very thing is confidential, but the therapist of Rodger was somewhat to blame for not calling the police. The gun people do not have any fault in this massacre, they had no idea what this guy  was planning.”

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