Advice For Up Coming Juniors

By: Ary Perez

As an 11th grader, I will soon be a senior and it’s crazy to think that. This year went by quick I will like just yesterday I was barely getting to know all my teachers. I can say that this was my best year so far, I actually tried this year. I dedicated most of my time to school and homework. I wasn’t that easy but it was possible. This year we prepared for the ACT and SAT and we also learned a lot of college in guidance. Some advice I would give to new 11th graders is to stay focus on school, do most of your homework. Also find something to motivate you to keep on going, a current 11th grader Karen Martinez said “ Don’t slack off” and I totally agree with her on this. When you have all your work turn in and are on top of all your class it going to be easier once finals come around  because you won’t be worried of turning in a late work or trying to raise up your grade. Grade are really important now because college start looking at your grades and maybe 9 and 10th weren’t your best but you still have time to change that. I would say that first semester was probably easier than second semester. First semester was just getting use to it and stay on track and passing all my classes with good grades. I got to see the difference between 10 and 11th grade, they expect you to do better because you soon will be  a senior. Second semester went by so quick, it was definitely much stressful too. It was fill up with reviewing for all these different test. We prepare for the SAT, ACT and the SBAC also we have to keep our grades at the best they can be. Take advantage of the college mentors that come to your guidance class try to ask as many questions of the SAT, this will be really helpful. Also try your best on the diagnostic of the SAT, they’re beneficial because they can help show your strength and weakens. If you are taking any ap classes be sure to do all your work for that class and a current ap spanish student Emely Torres said “ to turn in all the homework no matter how much it is”. By turning in your homework will help your work stay up. Also that the class matters more than the test, if you pass the test great but if you fail the class, looks bad. The class matters for your grades. After all the testing which will be a lot in the last few months of school, we still have finals. I know you might want to slack off or might be brain dead from all those test, remember to stay motivated and that your grades make a different. It will be hard but the last month of school will really fly by. But over all just try your best, be motivated and stay focus take it day by day and you’ll get through it.

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