Students prepare for the upcoming softball and baseball season

The baseball and softball season approaches by this winter. As many of the students prepare anxiously.
As it approaches students from both from Ánimo Jackie Robinson and Ánimo Pat Brown are preparing for the tryouts that come this winter.
For both softball and baseball the teams will be finalized in late December and conditioning has already begun.
After Christmas break the season finally starts! The games begin in March.
Although tryouts are open for the students, not all will make the team, the students who put in effort and hard work will.
Both of these sports involve plenty of team work in order to become a successful.
All of the students have the goal to make the team but sadly, only the most prepared will make it, and others might not.
Students from Ánimo Pat Brown and Ánimo Jackie Robinson are already putting lots of hard work and effort into conditioning that has begun already.
It takes plenty of commitment and hard work to make the teams. It is some what of a struggle to take on this much responsibility with school on the side.
It is very difficult to balance both school work and sport practice or tryouts.
Although these sports require a lot of work, many students decide to take on this responsibility and try to make the team of either baseball or softball.
These sports are essential for the students that want to join these teams.
Many of the students that want to join want to experience being on a team that they enjoy.
Although it takes plenty of one’s time, it is worth it when you get to experience this opportunity.
Many of the students that have decided to tryout for both softball and baseball, many have taken this challenge to experience this opportunity.
All of the students that tryout and join baseball or softball will gain much more than just the victory of being on the softball or baseball team.
Both students from Ánimo Jackie Robinson and Ánimo Pat Brown have an opportunity to place a sport into their college applications to appear prepared for challenges and difficult tasks that may be put out for them.
Some of the students that have decided to tryout and take a chance to be accepted into the baseball team are prepared to take the opportunity.
“My motivation for joining baseball is my family, friends, and the chance to just have fun and enjoy it,” said Senior Eddie Valdez.
Not all of the students that want to tryout for baseball have the same motivation but they do have the same goal in common, to get on the team.
“I think it is a great opportunity for me to get something onto my college application,” said junior Steven Martinez.
Being in a sport is an opportunity to actually get something extra onto the college application.
“I want to join so I could know how it is to be on a team that requires me to put effort onto something,” said Junior Jose Ron.
Being involved in a sport gives something in return besides just being on the team, it gives you an eye sight of how it is to involve team work into an activity.
“I’ve been playing for three years, and I enjoy the sport as well as making new friends while playing with some students from Ánimo Jackie Robinson,” said Eddie.
Although this sport is difficult to balance, it is manageable and it can give you the opportunity to meet new people and make friends while doing something that you enjoy.
“It is an opportunity to focus my mind on something long term by doing something I would enjoy,” said Junior Armando Gutierrez.
Many students can focus on something long term while being in a sport or an activity they enjoy and to just get their mind off of different things.
“I would like to win a championship, it just depends on how well we play and work as a team,” said Eddie.
The students set goals while being on a team to get through the season. Working as part of a team is essential to how well the team plays because baseball requires plenty of team work in order to get to victory.
“I think it might be great having to cooperate with other people,” said Steven.
Cooperation plays a huge role in the sport of baseball, well in any sport because it needs everyone’s cooperation while playing to succeed.

Softball has attracted students but in a variety of ways, because not all students want to join for the same reason.
“I want to join softball because it is the only sport I enjoy playing, and because I could put it in my college application,” said Junior Sarali Tinoco.
Softball appeals to many students because it is enjoyable for them and it is a great sport to be involved in.
“Trying out for softball and hopefully making the team gives me the opportunity to take out my school work stress and enjoy something that is fun,” said  Junior Verenizce Mejia.
Many stress might come from school work, but being on a sport allows the students to relieve their stress by doing something enjoyable and appealing.
“I would like to lose weight and doing something that I like is the perfect workout for me without having to do something that I don’t like,” said Verenizce.
Doing something unenjoyable to lose weight and get fit might be a horrible activity for one, but students like Verenizce believe being on a sport helps one get fit without horrible workout activities.
“I want to get as plenty of things I can  on my college applications before senior year so I could look competible against other students,” said junior Janet Lopez.

From left to right Janet Lopez, Verenizce Mejia, Yamiles Castaneda, and Sarali Tinoco. They will be trying out for softball this season.

From left to right Janet Lopez, Verenizce Mejia, Yamiles Castaneda, and Sarali Tinoco. They will be trying out for softball this season.

Many of the students main goal is to make the team in order to get activities that they did in High School in order to look competitive to other students that apply as well to the same university or college.
“My motivation is to become a better player so that in the future I can join a softball sport in college, it opens me the doors to other doorways,” said Sarali.
Being great at a sport could influence what sports one might want to get into while in college to enjoy and pass their time doing something on is good at.
“I want to join because I can get my mind of things while doing something I might enjoy and I want to try new things,” said Junior Claudia Ramirez.
Although being in a new sport might be scary, it could be beneficial to one if in result it is something one is good at and something one thinks is enjoyable.
Being part of a team like softball, could be beneficial to every student and it could result in being great at something new to someone.


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