26.2 Miles: Ain’t nobody got time for walking

The intensity that runners felt exploded the air with excitement for the Los Angeles Marathon that  happened on March 17 2013.

Every year Students Run Los Angeles is pleased with new and old faces in the Animo Pat Brown Charter High school running team. These runners  always set themselves to new challenges that help them achieve in completing the marathon.

With the help from their running couch Alexis Hanson, and fellow running teachers: Dallas Richardson, Lauren Shiokari, Lauren Beattie, Michelle Tran, Katy Bruski, and Brian Reed.

“SRLA had been an amazing experience I had been involved for four years and maybe this might be my last. But I will always carry the fun memories I had running” said senior Alexander Droin.

They have been strictly disciplined with all their students by showing them that all practices are worth running.

They inspire their youth runners that they can achieve their goals if they set their minds to it. SRLA has proven this to them because they have shown they are mentally strong when running by showing compassion and dedication when running.

“When I was in pain I was motivated by all the SRLA students and those who had messages on the back of their shirts. That kept me going” said Tran her first marathon experience.

Hanson has also shown that she truly cares in preparing her athletes because she plans separate exclusive races located at the south bay beaches then the ones from SRLA mandatory races.

In addition SRLA is so supporting that when runners run their mandatory races there are strangers on the side who are there to support them.

There were people cheering and clapping along the road the motivating them to keep running. They’re also their to supply the runners with water and healthy snacks during the race and after the race.


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