Soccer season end on round two

The Ánimo soccer team faced new challenges this season in the playoffs as they fought for the championship.
There are new positions that players must fill in to keep the team strong and alive.
Last season the soccer team went to playoffs but got kicked out in the first round by the team, Camino Nuevo.
The players were desperate to tie the score, but it ended in 1-0.
This season the soccer team has a new plan, to go to playoffs and win the championship.
Their hard work is paying off and really showing against other teams because they are number one in the division.
Other teams have already been shut down by the Ánimo team so the players are really proving that they are willing to take on the new challenges without the players who used to guide them.
This year they are going to be proving that they deserve this years championship and they will not yield until they can get what they rightfully own.
Next year we will not be a full team anymore, we will be separated from Ánimo Jackie Robinson for all the years to come.
Starting next year, we will still be practicing soccer in our school in our after school program sponsored by Arc.
Arc will be hosting special events for students to participate in events like tournaments, all star games, and scrimmage games with each other.
It shows how committed our school is to our sports and how much we love to play them.
There will also be prizes for these activities so the students could be rewarded for their participation.
There are several students who are affected by the change of there not being any team next year.
It is really not fair because our students in APB next year will not get any chance to participate in their school and represent gryphons.
This season the soccer team made it to playoffs. Ánimo Jackie Robinson beat Gertz-Ressler Academy 1-0 in order to get to playoffs.
One senior has been one the team and knows the experience of being in playoffs.
“ Playoffs last years were tough on us because we had the chances of scoring and winning the game but we came up short, but we, as a team, are determined and excited to be in playoffs again and to win” said Eddie Valdez.
Senior Walter Duarte also has his own opinions about what it is like and what you need to be on the team.
Walter is a new member of the team this season who plays the position of goalie.
“You need skills and motivation to keep trying no matter how hard an obstacle is.
Joining the team does not interfere with my school work because I always have time for both soccer and school”, senior Walter Duarte said.
We all know that it is very possible for us to achieve the last season together in victory.
This year’s soccer season ended in disappointment in the second round, even though they came up short, they will remember this season as it is the last season that they will play together. Most players will be graduating this year.
No matter how tough the situation is, our team knows how to come out of it with our heads raised high.
Our schools are the strongest when we work together showing courage and team work.
For all those that come out to support the soccer team, APB thanks you for putting your best efforts towards our school’s soccer players and giving them a reason to play their hardest.