Expose the truth behind pet shops

In our modern society innocent domestics Animals are being abuse every second that goes by even now while reading this. There are currently stray animals that roam on the streets, digging into the
trash cans. Most starry animals die in the streets due to the lack of nutrition they receive.  Or sometimes some animals are ran over and left either pleading for their lives.  Some die on the streets and the world goes on without their lives being taken into consideration. On the other hand there are many domestic animals that are taken into animal shelters. In other words pet pounds.
Where they wait to be adopted or wait for the worst. They expected to be kill if they are not adopted on time without knowing. Animals in pet pounds are killed in five ways: lethal injection, decompression chamber, gas chamber, electrocution, and other unknown ways.
Lethal injection: is the most-preferred method to euthanasic dogs, since it causes the least stress for
the animals and a somewhat minimal amount of stress for the humans involved. Decompression chamber.is a spinning mechanical unit which houses small cages into which animals are enclosed; the spinning of the unit prevents the animals from breathing, causing them to lose consciousness and eventually die.
Gas Chamber, there are various kinds of gas chambers used; typically in a professional way that includes individual small cages for numbers of animals which are all gassed at the same time, although  Electrocution is a method for small animals such as dogs and cats. Sometimes it involves
a metal clip on the animal’s lip and a metal rectal electrocution probe.
When a student at Ánimo Pat Brown were asked how she felt toward animals being abandoned she said. “I’ll rather adopt a pet because there’s animals that need a family because sometimes they are
abandon” said junior Nicole Gonzales.
On the other hand the junior Marcos Hernandez prefers to adopt a pet because they suffer a lot. People will rather buy an animal from a pet shop instead of adopting it.
Pet shops may seem like they are a good source to buy a pet from, but in reality they are known to buy the animals from pet mills which are outdoor farms that mass produce puppies for sale to pet stores
and regularly supply dogs to laboratories and animal brokers.
“I think that’s sad and heartless,’’ said junior Marcos Hernandez These Puppy Mills exist nationwide but are mostly located in rural areas like Arkansas, Iowa ,and Kansas.  But in the state of Pennsylvania, the Amish have a mass production of puppies. Puppies in farms are not seen as animals but as cash crops.
The owners of these mills don’t provide a healthy environment for dogs to live in, their environment is
usually overcrowded and is not well constructed.The floors are made of wire to allow feces and
urine to fall to the ground this makes dogs uncomfortable.
“I think that’s horrible and sad ;people should start adopting instead of breeding,” Nicole said.
Puppy Mills force mother dogs to have litters at an early age, female dogs are killed when they are not
able to produce the appropriate amount of puppies.Puppy mills contribute to pet overpopulation and
cause countless dogs lifetimes of suffering in squalid wire cages. Help us stop this cycle of cruelty. They are oftenly crowed and aren’t feed as much.
The overall message about this cruelty and injustice abuse towards these stray dogs and domestic
animals is not buy animals from pet stores because it will take down these puppy mills and breeders industry down which will also put a stop to the suffering of these innocent animals. Adopting a poor innocent animal will not only save a life but it will also impact a change in stopping this cruel industry and it will stop the growth of so many stray animals roaming the streets.
Teachers at ÁPB are a making a by stopping these industries by adopting animals themselves.
“My first dog was found by a friend it was a homeless dog digging in trash soI decided to adopt hi. The other one Hank (Big Boy) was the second dog I adopted.  Me and my boyfriend Dave, decided to go to an animal shelter and adopt a dog that needed to be adopted soon,” English teacher Katy Bruski said.
“I found a dog hiding under a car in Graham street so I decided to adopt him , and it was a good time
to adopt a dog history teacher“ Marla Orozco said.
There are many things that students can do to get involved in helping these poor innocent animals to get a home or at least a shelter where they are taken care of. Not all animal shelters are great but there are several shelters that have people who have enormous hearts. They protect and work to give animals a home knowing that it’s difficult because these shelters depend on fund-raisers and donations.
Without,these contributions its difficult to feed and provide medical assistance to the animals which lead to the closing these shelters.Some of the shelters that do a great job in taking care of abandoned animals are the ASPCA, the Red Door animal shelter,and Found Animals Foundation.
When adopting an animal it is best to neutered them because not only it will decrease the population ofanimals in the world but it will benefit them because they will live longer.  Only 39% of students pets are either spayed or neutered and 30% are not in the school. Only 47% of the
students at ÁPB give their pets the right amount of attention but 7% do not give their pets the attention
they need.
The overall, the message of this article is to not adopt an animal if your not going to be committed to the responsibilities it brings. Another solution to stop pet mills from producing more animals is by
not buying pets from a pet shops.
The story is not saying that all pet shelters are trustworthy because however there are several shelters
that live to give these innocent abandon animals to shelters.
You as students can help by volunteering in these pet shelters. You can also get your friends involve in
stopping these pet mills by spreading the news that pet mills and pet stores are not what they appear to look like.Or whenever seeing a pet abandoned in streets dieing for a place to live and food to eat.
The best method is to call a trustworthy animal shelter for backup because they might be infected by a
Even better you can either adopt the animals by taking them home and giving a save place to live and a
place to be nourished.


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