Go Get a Glass of H2O, You’re Thirsty Bro

Students and teachers in ÁPB have agreed on one term, slang has its time and place so therefore no one should be using it as a daily way to speak.
Slang terms have always been seen as uneducated and something that has lost its taste as more years start to pass.
Words such as “Wowsers“ and “Bu-nerk“ are seen as foolish now a days but they were slang terms in Nancy Portillo’s days of High School.
These words have now been replaced with “Thirsty” and “Swag” that have much more negative connotations.
“Words changing meaning is an amazing thing which has changed society, I think it is creative and a positive matter. But there are some slang terms who hurt people emotionally because of their negative connotation” said Ellie Herman.
Teachers only have one main worry due to slang, which is due to new slang terms coming in people will not be able to know the meaning for all the terms.
Therefore, they will not be able to distinguish which words are offensive to a particular set of students and which ones are just a form to say “Hey.”
“The fact that I’m just a small and little bit older than you, maybe I’m not going to know what new words are coming in and what people may or may not be saying about someone else because slang words are always changing” said Portillo.
Due to the quick spread of slang words, students all over the country are soon making slang words over used.
Because of this, other students begin to make up new slang terms with usually the same meaning but a whole new word.
Most students agreed that slang has a certain time and place but other students such as Monserrat Sierra believe it’s just an easier way to speak.
“I think it’s a way that people can express themselves, instead of using sophisticated vocabulary” said Monserrat Sierra.
Slang for some students is just a tool that makes expressing their thoughts more simple.
“There’s so many words out there, you can’t remember all the definitions. Slang is basically your own dictionary so you won’t forget it” said Junior Ashley Lemus.
Slang is basically used as a shortcut or secret codes between groups which makes communicating easier for everyone.
But slang is not always a positive aspect to have in one’s life.
“I think students just need to learn how to code-switch. Obviously their not going to talk professionally with their friends which is fine, students just need to learn that there is a difference between professional environment and informal environment” said Spanish teacher Dallas Richardson.
Many students do not know how to switch their way of using slang with friends and utilizing it in a professional matter.
Not knowing how to code-switch is not a positive matter, because if your using informal language in a professional environment it can affect your future.
“I believe that the use of slang and not knowing when to use it can affect the writing and lives of students” said English teacher Katy Bruski.
Words evolve into whole different meanings through time and teachers only fear that they will not be able to discover all the negative slang words.
Some students enjoy using slang and believe that it doesn’t matter if they use it because they’re just words.
They believe that they are able to know when to use certain words at what time so using slang daily will not affect their future lives.
“I know which words are slang and which are not, by that I’m able to use specific words with teachers and other words with my friends. You just have to think before you speak and you’ll be fine” said Freshman Noemi Cuchillo.
As long as a student has the ability to be aware of what they’re are saying than slang will not have any affect on their future.
Slang can be both a positive and negative aspect to have in an individuals life, it might affect your professional speech and no one will take you serious if you over use slang.
In order to get almost any job in today’s society and individual must use their words professionally and can not talk as they would with their friends.
But slang is a way for friends to speak to each other without certain individuals being aware of what they are saying.
It’s a way for a group of people to feel welcomed in any environment because more than just your group of friends know the slang terms you know.
Therefore slang can bring different groups together, but it affects your future none the less.
Slang should be used only with friends and never in a job interview, or you just threw that job down the drain.
Thinking before you speak is never the wrong way to go, for slang and professional language.
Society today wants educated people to take over and be able to work in a professional environment with decent vocabulary.
To sum everything up, be aware of the words you say because it may affect how other people respond to you.
Having a person feel negatively towards you on your first meeting is never the correct way to start any kind of relationship.