Senior Finals

Senior year has been very stressful these past few weeks as we get closer to the end of our high school journey. It has been tough for most seniors because these last 2 weeks determine if they will cross the stage or not. It takes plenty of determination and dedication to get through these weeks because many seniors begin to get frustrated and want to give up. Many seniors start coming late and not trying on the assignments given on finals. Also, many teachers pressure students because graduation is coming up which just makes things worse for students.

Many students do not do anything all semester and start to worry as the semester comes to an end. We tend to stress out as all our responsibilities begin to pile up. The fact that many students tend to procrastinate is what makes life in high school a whole lot harder. Around the last 3 weeks of high school students tend to realize that the world becomes a real place with real events and real consequences. Our advice for incoming seniors would be to not wait last minute to begin doing their work, ask for help, and follow through on given tasks.

Another piece of advice is to not fall asleep in Mr.Snyder’s class. His class is mandatory which makes seniors a lot more anxious about graduation. A way to not struggle in your future classes, is to never stay behind meaning to not be absent or arrive late to school. When you are falling behind try to stay after school or come before school to catch up on your work. Come prepared for school, that includes assignments you have to turn in, notes, notebooks and everything else that helps you for that class.

Animo Pat Brown’s goal is to prepare students for college and we feel like they effectively put this into action. They help prepare us by testing us and having benchmarks on what we learn. We also don’t get D’s because in colleges they don’t take D’s. When we take notes they make us take them like if we were in college so we could get prepared for it. We also annotate because they say it is very helpful to know what we are reading about.

By: Jazmin Arreguin, Esthefany Anzaldo

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