The last dance of APB was it successful?

The last dance of APB was it successful?

By: Alexis M., Daniela P., Esmeralda G.

APB’s last dance took place last friday with the theme of Alice and the Wonderland. Many of the students from each grade level came with their best outfits to enjoy the last dance before the school year ends.  The gym filled with balloons that had lights, the glow sticks that illuminated the gym floor, as well the with the flower decorations seemed to bring the a good vibe during the dance. The DJ making the crowd dance with the mix variety of music with the good transitions of music. Though this was the last dance it seemed not to satisfy the students and meet their expectations.

During the dance, the music that was played was yet again another disappointment. Senior Brenda Ortiz, expresses that the dance was “Boring” since the DJ did not play “good music” throughout the dance. She felt that the DJ needed more variety of genres as it was a missing factor from the dance. Yet she claims that the DJ began to play some good music during the last few minutes of the dance. In addition, she gives positive reviews about the food she states that the taco dorados were “bomb” and the pina drink was good as well. Moreover, Jacky Mares a junior says that the dance was not good as the past dances. She felt that more people needed to go so it can more fun. Agreeing with Brenda, she believes that the dance needed more variety. Junior Victor Patino, for his first dance, enjoyed it but still felt as if the food was lacking flavor. On the other hand, freshman Kimberly Garcia she said that the dance was “okay” but she felt that the dance needed more “Corridos and Nortenas”. She felt that student council did not promise what they promoted such as the UV lights, she does take in mind about the glowing sticks but she felt that the lights were missing. Ultimately, Kimberly says that in the future dances she is looking forward more people that attend the school dances and better music.

This “Alice and Wonderland” themed dance was one of the least successful dances hosted by student council; compared to their previous dances. Many students believed that it was missing various factors to make it so called “lit”. As students left the last dance of the school year, they reflected on what could have been improved. With the hope that upcoming student council members of the class of 2018 will make these changes in order to host a memorable school dance that will make the students of APB wanting more. As the end of the school year approaches, the student’s requests will soon be quenched. Though it was still acceptable that some students of the school liked the dance no matter what.


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