APB’s Cheer Squad

Animo Pat Brown has started the 2011 school year great by encouraging students to become more involved through the after school program Champions.

Champions has 13 clubs to offer to students. One of the biggest clubs so far is cheerleading.

About 35 girls signed up for cheer but only 20 students will make the team. However, the coach has truly showed determination and is trying to get as many more spots for the new APB cheer squad.

The cheer leading coach, Wendy Anaya is making cuts to based on who she notices isn’t attending every practice and those who aren’t putting enough effort for the team. On the other hand, girls stopped attending the previous practices due to the fact that they found it hard or couldn’t balance cheer with school work.

This is Wendy’s first year in coaching a team. She was a former cheerleader at Fremont High School. She decided to become a cheer leader in her Junior year. The reason she wanted to become a cheer leader is because she wanted to become a bigger part of her school.

Wendy mentioned that cheer leading has taught her communication skills in the sense that she is confident and no longer shy. She said “I also want the girls to be able to balance between their school load and extracurricular activities to help them build discipline and responsibility.”

Wendy decided to become a cheer coach “To obtain leadership skills and I also believe it will open doors for the future being that one of my ultimate goals is to be come a Lakers Cheerleader,” said Wendy.

The girls who make the team will be told on Monday Sept. 26 2011. Their first football game will be October 14 at Animo Jackie Robinson, followed by the homecoming game on October 21.

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