Courageous move by APB student helps save lives

Senior Marilyn Estrada was doing her homework when she heard a really loud bang. Marilyn and her mother helped Daymond Johnson’s, Ánimo Pat Brown’s security officer, family out of a burning vehicle.
“I went outside and I saw there was smoke coming out of Firestone and Compton. There were two crashed cars and my mom yells at me to go help,” Marilyn said.
Marilyn had no idea the people inside the car were related to Johnson.
“I think Marilyn’s actions reflect positively on our school’s community,” tenth grade English teacher Brian Reed said.
Her heroic actions show that Ánimo Pat Brown is teaching their students what are the right things to do.
And that is what it was; while Marilyn and her mother went to help, others were just staring
and standing. People began to help Johnson’s family once the
Estrada’s began.
“A couple of guys got a fire extinguisher to help put out the fire,” Marilyn said.
Teachers at APB are proud to hear about Marilyn’s actions. “I’m really glad that there are people who still care about others,” math teacher Martha Mata said.
When everyone was safely pulled out, Mrs. Johnson told Marilyn to call her husband
Daymond Johnson. “That is when I began to feel something tough inside,” Marilyn said. She then ran to APB to get help but the school was closed. When she went back, Johnson had already arrived at the scene.
Marilyn was holding on to one of Johnson’s children before the ambulance
“Before the ambulance left they asked for our phone number because we saved their lives and that made me feel really great,” Marilyn said.
For now, a new security guard, Officer McKinley, roams the hallways until Johnson returns in late March.
“The lady who initially hit the car kept going, so it was practically a hit and run,” Johnson said. “Then my wife lost control and crashed into a Metro bus.”
There were no life threatening injuries. Mrs. Johnson won’t be able to walk until June because she just recently went under knee surgery. As for his son, he has to be kept in a neck brace so his broken neck would be able to heal properly.
“I have to be home and take care of my family first and then be back at work to take care of my second family,” Johnson said.
He said he will be returning back to APB by the end of March and he added: “I am suppose to be off of work probably until the end of April, but I can’t afford to
be off of work for that long.”
“All of us at APB are pulling for Mr. Johnson and his family. We are looking forward to his return,” APB Principal Joshua Hartford says

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