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As the year 2013-2014 school year began everyone was looking forward to joining ARC/APB sports. Not only do we have changes within the classes but also out on the field. On the day of August 26,2013 the conditioning for ARC soccer started. There was about 20 students conditioning for the soccer team. Although conditioning has only began we are not sure if there will be an official team. However that is the goal for this year to make an actual team. There have been many changes, for instance a new coach has been introduced and everyone is looking forward to this new change. To find out more about the changes set for this year we interviewed two students from ARC soccer. When asked about how he feels about condition Brayan Leyva a senior at APB replied with, “It helps you stay in shape and keeps you mentally prepared for the game.” The next question said What are the changes the new coach has made he said, “The new coach has soccer drills for us and works us hard until the last minute of conditioning.”  The last question I asked was How much of a commitment is it? and Brayan responded with “You have to come everyday to practice and set your mind to it otherwise you will have practiced for nothing.”

Another student Edwin Gomez was interviewed and was asked the following, “How do you feel about conditioning?” “What are the changes the new coach has made?’ and “How much of a commitment is conditioning?” His answer to the first question was,” Its tiring and painful but in the end its worth it because you last longer in the game.” His reply to the second answer was “One change the new coach has made is doing various soccer drills to prepare to be in a team.” His last response was,” If you are very committed you would come everyday and give it your all because it is your passion.”

From the perspective of these students we can determine that the changes that have been made are primarily for the players. They look forward to not only coming to practice but the actual practice itself because they know it will benefit them in the long run. These students look forward to soccer and the many changes to come and mainly because they actually meant to be involved in an actual team this year.


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