CVS stops selling Tabacco products


Recently, CVS has announced publicly that they will no longer be selling tobacco products. More than 7600 CVS stores around the nation have stopped selling tobacco products. CVS decided to stop selling because the company saw tobacco products to be non-beneficial to the pharmacy department.

According to CNN news,  many Americans, including David Howards, spokesperson for R.J Reynolds Tobacco CO, see this as a positive change. The tobacco company of R.J Reynolds have always had a healthy relationship with CVS. Nevertheless, CVS will be losing an estimated $2 billion annually from tobacco shoppers. This will potentially affect the sales and consumption of tobacco.

CVS will plan to have a variety of sales ranging from school supplies to hair products. Also, there will be a variety of sales that will take place in the pharmacy department. This will hopefully cover all the losses that would have been made from selling cigarettes.