Cyber Attacks

Hackers have been heard of through time, but not many know exactly how their hacking techniques work. Hackers a people who are able to breach any type of program using electronic devices and specific codes. Hackers can either be a solution or a great problem (with no possible fix).

Some hackers use their knowledge to attack companies or any person, and steal vulnerable information from their computers. with that information hackers can potentially destroy their target. Money has always influenced the most powerful and known crimes. For Example; robberies, kidnappings, drug smuggling, murder, corruptions, etc.

Snapchat users face a very common predicament.  Anonymous hackers have breached Snapchat, a common social media app, and declared it was to bring awareness to the users of Snapchat’s lousy security, CNN reports. These anonymous hackers publicized at least 4.6 million “private” accounts on Snapchat.DB. However, that website was soon suspended on a Wednesday. Snapchat says it has updated their software to impose another breach.

Also on December 19, 2013 hackers attacked Target. Target states that at least 40 million credit card customer information and 70 million customer’s personal information were stolen. New York Daily news say that a softer code named “Ram- scraper” was used to capture information that was being transferred into the computer’s memory bank. Targets security officials declined any comments regarding the breach. Their silence revealed the severity of the situation; however the security officials did say “[they] have improved their security, making it more difficult for hackers…”.

Hackers have also hacked many game consoles and they have efficently stolen account information. Sony Playstation was cyber attacked in 2011 and at least 77 million accounts were compromised. The estimate damage was $171 million.

These cyber attacks has made people paranoid.The question that should be answered is: How can we[the people] fight against other potential cyber attacks, which will allow strangers to get a hold of our personal information?



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