Early Wake Up

Approximately at 6:27 a.m. Los Angeles woke up to an unexpected natural alarm. An earthquake. With a calculated magnitude of 4.4 which explained by The LA Times stated that it, “struck near Westwood…but there were no immediate reports of damage or injuries…The quake was centered near the intersection of Mulholland Drive and the 405 Freeway”. Even tho it wasn’t much of an interesting 18 second shake in my bed it was by far time that Los Angeles had a little morning wake up call. Many students in the morning were saying that they were expecting an earthquake for weeks due to sudden change in the climate. APB senior Steven Martinez gave us his opinion as he was getting his McDonald order today in the morning, “it was about time LA had a quick. Funny part was that I was wide awake when it all happen, but since I’m from LA it wasn’t much of a surprise.” Even though earthquakes come no surprise to LA residents, its always fun to experience one.





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