Ghost: Real or Part of Our Imagination?

The existence of ghost has always been a controversial topic. Many believe ghost are spirits who belonged to a human who has died; others believe ghost are beings from another dimension, and so on. It is really difficult to correctly explain this anomaly object because of the difference in spiritual beliefs or because of individual’s philosophy.

  • Buddhist believe “hungry ghost are simply suffering spirits who should be treated with compassion and not feared”, stated by

  • Christians believe ghost are related to the existence are spirits who manifest either because of the presence of God or the evil doing of the devil, stated by Jack Zavada author of, “What Does the Bible Say About Ghost?”

Everyone has their own different beliefs and religions defines odd happenings in different ways. Many people and groups describe things in different perspectives but they all have one thing in common which is

Many people fear or ignore these unknown objects because of these unknown objects cannot be easily defined or explained.

Students from Animo Pat Brown believe ghost:

  • Omar Montiel, Senior at APB, says ghost are demonic manifestations. He says, “ghost are here to create chaos and scare humans”, He says that he has not seen a ghost but he says he would fear one. Omar is a believer and stays by his perspective.

  • Max Corza, Junior at APB, says ghost are not real because “ there is no scientific evidence to prove their existence.” Max asserts that the appearance of a ghost is a hallucination of the mind and other ghost manifestos are coincidence. He strongly disagrees with ghost being a form of an afterlife or with the idea of ghost having any type of purpose here on earth. Max is a strong skeptic.

  • Cassandra Rodas, Sophomore at APB, believes ghost are beings of the afterlife who stay on this earth because they have unfinished business. She asserts ghost are only present on earth because they have been denied entrance into “whatever comes next after death.” However, she declares she has not seen a ghost she does say she would not be afraid.

There are many videos on the internet which show “ghost” , but can we really trust the person who uploaded the video? Are the videos digitally altered?  Or can is there spiritual beings here on earth that roam the world without no purpose, searching for eternal peace? Only you the reader can decide. Your perspective matters so please comment your perspective.



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