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Quick Ways to Style Your Hair


Have you ever woke up late with your hair all messy and with no idea how to do your hair simple but pretty and  in less than 10 minutes. Well a simple and quick hairstyle can come in handy to you. Here are some few quick hairstyles that will only take you couple of minutes to do.

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1.French Braided side bun

  STEP 1: Start off by doing a french braid on one side of your hair, working it towards your ear.

 STEP 2: Once you have reach your ear, continue braiding normally when finished secure with a rubber band.

STEP 3: Furthermore, pull the rest of your hair over to the same side where you started off doing your french braid and then create a second, regular braid. Keep in mind you’ll want to keep it a little loose in the back so you can have room to create your bun.

STEP 4: Twist the two braids together and carefully start to create a side bun and hold it in place by securing it with bobby pins.


2. Waterfall braid


Step 1: Begin by separating your hair on one side of your head.

Step 2: Afterwards, pick up a good amount of your hair by putting it next to the part line and divide it into 4 equal strands.

Step 3: Then take the strand closest to the part line and put it under the second strand over the third strand, and under the fourth strand. After you’re done release that strand and let it fall.

Step 4: Therefore, then you would be left with three strands to braid.

Step 5:  Complete one simple three strand braid by taking the middle strand over the right strand, and then taking the new middle strand over the left strand.

Step 6: Pick up a new small strand of your hair next to the part line you started with in the beginning and use this as a new fourth strands of hair.

Step 7: Repeat steps #3-7 all over again dropping through the fourth strand, and adding a new strand.Step 8: Braid until you are comfortable with the look. Now, get a small section of your hair on the side near the back, using crossed bobby pins to secure the end of the braid and then let that hair fall to cover the bobby pins. Finally, add hairspray if desire.

3.Sock Bun


Step 1: Pull your hair back into a high ponytail and secure with a rubber band at the crown of your head.

Step 2: Place the sock bun at the very end of your ponytail and pull your hair through the hold in the center of the sock bun.

Step 3: Start to roll down the sock bun until it reaches the bottom. Hold it in place with bobby pins.

Step 4: Spread your hair around the bun to make sure it covers the gaps.

Step 5: To help the hairstyle last longer use hairspray.

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