10 year old gets rape by an 8 year old

When you think of 8 year old boys, you think of toys, power rangers, hot wheels, cartoons.

However, recently in the city of Oklahoma an 8 year old boy was charged with raping a 10 year old girl in the school bathroom. Even more surprising, the boy’s 10 year old sister severed as an accomplice to the boy’s act.  All the names of the children in the incident were not revealed due to their age and protection.

The mother of the victim was horrified when she saw her daughter running in tears. The mother immediately contacted the police after hearing her daughter’s shocking tale. The mother later released a statement on the KFOR News Station saying, “She came out with her knees and hands shaking and crying, I jumped out of the car and asked her what was wrong and she said ‘mama they touched me down there”. The mother in shock later states that the kids are not entirely at fault, but also the administration.


The victim was taken to a hospital where doctors confirmed that there indeed were signs of sexual assault. There is debate of what the consequences will be for the two children who committed this atrocity.


Juan Berumen stated ” Well, those two kids cannot go to jail because they are too small. They should go to a Juvenal Detention Center.”


Ms. Siemientkowski ” I think they should do an investigation to see if the two kids were victims themselves because children do not learn those kinds of things be themselves, I don’t think blame should be placed on the administration, in terms of this situation there can never be a person to supervise every single place, the only way the administration would be at fault if they were actively neglectful or trying to hide the situation.”

Christoper Cornejo “I found this unfathomable! I do not think the administration is at fault because the school did not know the plans of these two children. The little boy should have a serious consequences including the accomplice. I also think there should be an investigation about the two kids background of violence. As for the victim, she should be place in a safe environment where she will be able to heal.”

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