Buffalo Jills Lawsuit


The Buffalo BIll Cheerleaders are joining the Raiderettes and the Ben-Gal Cheerleaders in suing their employers. The NFL cheerleaders have been working under strict guidelines that limit multiple personal activities, many of these ranging from public etiquette to intimate hygiene – many of them being irrational and absurd.  Some of the ludicrous limitations include:

  • Can not eat in public
  • Can not say “I” or “Me” too much
  • Can not ask for cash gifts
  • Can not use too much hairspray

As astonishing as the these regulations are, the cheerleaders aren’t solely suing for these reasons. The cheerleaders are suing for the terrible wages. They are claiming the fact that they worked numerous hours and were failed to be met with a pay check. They are stating exploitation by the team and are filing a wage theft lawsuit. The Buffalo Jills claim that they were hardly paid for any performances or appearances. One earned a minuscule salary of $1,860 for the entire 2010-11 football season not excluding the $650 she spent on buying her own uniform. Theses girls were not paid minimum wage, on time, and suffered a pay deduction for minor infractions. Whatever the reasons there is no justifiable reason for the lack of pay when the industry is extremely successful and profitable.



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