October Events

This October Animo Pat Brown provided a variety of activities for students to participate in, the goal was to influence students to be a part of Animo’s school spirit. Student council was in charge of these activities, working very diligently this month in order to encourage everyone to participate. Since October is a month where everyone can be spooky or just simply have fun with their friends, Animo will be having a Dia de Los Muertos dance this November. This event, Dia de los Muertos dance will be a way for students to gain school spirit especially for seniors, as seniors they have to show school spirit to the younger grades to keep pride in Animo.

Besides this fantastic day, this past Tuesday we honored Ms. Mata by having a breast cancer awareness day. Students were encouraged to wear a pink shirt in honor of the fight against breast cancer. The primary goal of these events was not only to raise school spirit but to unify the APB family. This past Friday the 31st, arc after school program hosted a Movie Night after school at no charge, this was a great opportunity for students of all grade levels to interact with each other on Halloween night. Students were excited for the activities being provided by the school, and are always willing to participate in such events. When asked whether the activities during the month helped students gain school spirit, Senior Leslie Avila, says “I think that the activities of October help students gain some school spirit because with the pink ribbon it helped some students that weren’t last school year at APB be able to be part of it and contribute in the cause.” She also believes that it is a great way for students to remember Ms. Mata and her effort towards the fight against breast cancer. When asked the same question, Senior Yolanda Miranda, says “ I believe that the school events happening do raise the school spirit because without people with school pride and energy, we would have a lack of spirit“. She also thinks that if people didn’t participate in these events then there wouldn’t be a point of making these events if people didn’t care, that this wouldn’t help in raising school spirit and pride.


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