APB Students Using Uber

By: Axlin Lucio and Kimberly Lua

We have relied on public transportation to take us to our destination for many years, from taking the bus, a taxi, riding the train etc. But now there is a new method of public transportation called uber. Uber, first known as UberCab, is a technology platform where our phone apps connect to the driver and rider. On the app you can request ride to where ever you want and based on the distance is the way you get charged. The app also provides info of the persons name, vehicle, and their license plate.


Uber has lots of drivers of many race and educational background, not only that but about 14% of the uber drivers are women which makes lots of people feel more safe and comfortable when riding with uber. But beside all of this, there are still some advantages and disadvantages of Uber. “An advantage can be that if you don’t have a ride you can take an uber and usually uber can be found everywhere” said Senior Karime Granados. Sophomore Esmeralda also agreed with what Karime said but also added, “another advantage would be that we don’t get to pay for gas but a disadvantage can be that you wouldn’t know the drivers background info”. Besides all the disadvantages and all the incidents that has happened with Uber, these students still feel safe when riding it.


Some tips on staying safe for your next ride with uber is to verify the identity of the driver and their car before you get in, wait inside for your ride to come, keep in touch with friends and family, and always take note of the drivers rating on the app.

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