Monarchs football season off to a shaky start

With the first game already come and gone, questions about the APB players have already begun to rise, about whether or not they can make their presence felt as the last representatives of APB in football. Knowing that much tension has already started to grow against them a few still have hope that maybe they will still be able to ‘leave something on the field’. With the Monarchs already starting off to a bad start many will argue that “home coming will not be a very exciting event especially knowing that probably the team will lose again like they did the year before” anonymous. It isn’t certain of whether or not the team will make it to the playoffs like they did on the past. With two embarrassing losses already being dragged by the players, will they have a chance to redeem themselves and leave a legacy behind as the last student-athlete to represent APB? Will they win their last homecoming game and most importantly will anybody even know that their was a football team several years from now?  Only time will tell, and their athletic faith will depend on the way in which they play.