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A new school year means a new year of clothes, friends, and couples. After interviewing many students on their thoughts about relationships and why they don’t work, a lot of what our fellow students said would help a lot of us with our personal problems. I was very surprised when I got a wide variety of answers on why relationships don’t seem to last. The answers ranged from trust issues to lack of physical contact. These answers were surprising to me because you would think that most high school relationships would end due to cheating and other things of that nature. A lot of students said that most relationships end due to lack of communication. After interviewing several students, one students words of wisdom caught my attention. She told me something that I think could help couples but everyone, she simply said “Communication is key”. Her words gave me a new of thinking, I think if more new and veteran couples took this advice to heart there won’t be as many nasty break-ups.

At first a lot of  the students were kind of shy to get interviewed but after reading them the questions they seemed to loosen up and my second question seemed stump both single and spoken for students. I guess they hadn’t been asked to give advice to new couples. A lot of the answers were straight forward and coincided with the previous answers. There was a general consensus of what to do but also what not to do. A vast majority of students agreed that privacy is a necessary in a new relationship. One student said, “Keep it to yourself. Don’t put it up on Facebook, it’s no one else’s business but your own.” She has a point, if you don’t want people to be aware of your relationship problems don’t go putting your partner on blast on social media because it looks bad for both you and your partner. Another student who choose t remain anonymous said, “Just do you and your relationship a favor and delete your Facebook and all other social media accountants. Trust me it will save you from a lot of  arguments.” Their advice really can help couples from having a small argument to a big ugly fight that might result to a break-up that could of been prevented.

A lot of  people both interviewees and fellow students asked me for my thoughts. I have recently went through a break-up, so I have a kind of  fresh view on this situation.  From my perspective couples break-up because they both want different things. Before you get into a committed relationship you have to tell each other want you want from the relationship because what you want might not be what your partner wants so you have to find a happy medium. My advice for new couples  is get to known the person before you make things official because you might not like who you are with once you get into a relationship with them. This will save you from arguments,questions, and doubts.

Although most high school relationships don’t work out, it’s good to know a variety of advice for future relationships. There was a lot of good advice from your peers like: always clear things up, don’t assume things,tell your significant other everything  the good and  even the bad. Just remember we are all teenagers and we are all trying to figure things out so don’t rush into anything. Other students I interviewed had questions I couldn’t answer in this issue, the top 4 questions were: why do breakups hurt? Why is trusting people so difficult? Why don’t long distance relationships work? And what are the differences (if any) in gay and straight relationships? Hopefully in the next coming issues all of your questions will be answered.

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