APB students get excited for Spring Break

During spring break week, many students take advantage of getting away from the academic pressures associated with education.

It is the time when students start getting excited before spring break comes and say, “I can’t wait for spring break, I get to wake up late at the time I want to and finally don’t have to get up early for two weeks.”

For some students, the idea of having fun and relaxation on their week off is to take more traditional spring break approach and head to the beach.

Others for example, girls plan to go shopping with their friends to shop for clothes, shoes, accessories etc. for any upcoming events they have during their spring break.

But on the other hand students take the advantage of spring break by focusing more on doing drugs, partying and having sex or just resting and avoiding anything that has to do with school including their homework.

In contrary, other students plan to stay home reading, relaxing and studying for the next time of the semester remaining.

Even though not everybody spends their two spring breaks doing the same thing, everyone enjoys their time off from school doing things they really want to do.

    Every time spring break gets near, students feel fortunate about their vacations, but when it gets to the point when teachers mention homework due when they come back, they complain and whine about it, especially if it is homework that has to do with reading.

Senior Dakota Aguirre said, “For the upcoming Spring break I plan to go to the beach to get my tan on but I think we should get a longer Spring Break because I have more time for myself and don’t have to worry about stressing for school. I do like the idea of having homework over Spring Break because it helps me not to forget what we learn. During these two weeks of spring break I plan to help the community by cleaning the beach or I will be staying at home and exercising riding my bike.”

Not all teachers give out homework during spring break but those who do give homework, they give it out not for a punishment but to keep student’s mind fresh for when they come back, remembering all they learned the last semester.

Many students whine about getting homework over spring break because they just don’t want to do it even though if it is a small amount given or even easy to do.

Sometimes it might be a small amount, students just look at it and if they are convinced by the amount of homework they have to do, they do it and if not they do not do it.

They rather forget about school assignments and focus on something else that gets their mind off school.

But when it is time for the students to come back from spring break and they have no homework done it becomes to the point where students start to get anxious about their grade for the semester remaining.

For the ones that did not do their homework they realize that they should have done their homework when the teacher tells them that their grade for their second semester would start off low.

While other students who do their homework and start off with a good grade on their second semester grade because they did do their homework, they have nothing to worry about.

But the point here is why  exactly do teachers give out homework during spring break if it is a time for students to relax and they know many students will refuse to

do it

When it comes to traveling, people get over excited for experiencing the world traveling to places they have not been to.

Junior Elizabeth Garcia said, “I plan to go to Mexico and party for spring break. I do not like the idea of teachers giving students homework for Spring Break because it’s spring break and we need a break from school. I don’t plan out on helping out the community because nobody has time for that! A productive thing that I would do this spring break is look for a job and work. Family will not be coming in for the break, but I will be going out of the country. I would need a month extra at least for spring break.”

Some students plan to travel around the world to visit family members or their family members come visit them.

They either plan to go out of the city or go out of state to distract themselves with their familiy and go have fun, relax, and get rid of stress they may have.

But for the families who choose to stay home they chill with the family and cook special foods for their visits like food they rarely make for themselves to make their family members feel welcome and comfortable.

Girls and boys also decide to do exercise during spring break to come back in shape.

Many go to the park to run laps, or go to work out on the machines some of the parks have.

Others decide to do Zumba which is dancing and is another productive thing to do to workout your body.

In Zumba you work out every part of your body, you either use the machines provided, dance to the music, or do aerobics

Both going to the park and doing Zumba are a productive thing to do and a good workout for your body especially if it is Zumba because you get to burn alot of calories just by dancing and keeping up with the teachers steps.

As you can see, spring break is a time where students want to enjoy their spring break.

It is a time where they should enjoy their spring break by doing something productive and spending time with family having fun, not just working on homework.

Spring Break is a time to be stress free and comfortable.

Disneyland can be the place to be able to spend a good time and make memories with the family. Disneyland is a place where you can have fun and have a great time with your friends as well. People say, “ it’s just a place just for kids to hang out because theres just rides and events for kids, but in reality its not just a place for kids, it is also a place for tenagers and grown ups. Either way, if you go by yourself it would be boring and you wouldn’t have a good time and fun day as you will, if you go with your family.

Six Flags Magic Mountain can be another option for you to go during your two weeks off. If you go to Six Flags you will have the option to buy 4 thrill passes, and you can get a FREE combo upgrade. That would be a good option for you and your family or even friends. You and your friends would have much more fun in Six Flags because there are rides for teenagers to ride in. They may be scary and the height of each ride would be tall and would make you not want to get on the ride, but it is worth it. If you go you would hear people screaming and others crying and you would be laughing at them, but when it’s your turn to get on the ride because your supposeably a brave man or women you would be on the ride screaming or crying as well.

Citywalk is a free and fun option to choose from to hang out with friends because its a budget free and families can enjoy a free concert regardless of whether conditions either raining or sunny. Enjoy a fun splash and dry it off at its amazing food courts since they have many to choose from  and don’t forget to stop by at the Universal Studios for a magnificant souvenier.

Knotts can be a fourth option to go and hang out with your friends. You can enjoy it if you and your friends make it fun. You can take as many people as you want, but each individual may have to pay their own ticket for their own entrance.You may have lots of fun because there are many rides to enjoy from especially the ones from the highest hights. You may enjoy the food as well, but they are pretty expensive, so take money extra for food because you may be hungry at some point. If you know how to have fun with yourself and friends you would never forget that day.


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