The Memoir of Prince Harry


On January 10, 2023, Prince Harry released a memoir called “Spare”. In this memoir he speaks on many topics including army revelations, his mental health and family conflicts, just to name a few.

In the United Kingdom, the book “Spare” was treated as a major event. Many bookstores kept doors open at midnight for sales on the new release and many employees reported a swarm of customers there for the new book. In addition, fans reported feeling sympathetic towards Harry and what he’s been through after reading his story. One fan stated “I’m fifty pages into “Spare” and it’s so desperately sad: the tone is very different to how all the out-of-context quotes make it seem. Although he keeps making jokes – mainly self-deprecating – it just ACHES. “ Meanwhile others feel as if Harry is privileged and grown, therefore he should keep his struggles private. Despite these opinions, “Spare” is now at the top of the bestseller list with three million copies being sold.

Prince Harry spoke up about a physical altercation with his brother Prince William in his memoir. Harry states it all started with a conversation about his wife, Megan Markle with Prince William. Harry reveals William calling Megan Markle difficult, rude and abrasive. From there the confrontation escalated when William grabbed Harry by the collar, ripping his necklace and knocking him down to the ground causing him an injury to his back. After this altercation Harry stated William reportedly telling him not to tell Megan about what just happened to which Harry responded “You mean that you attacked me?” and in response William replied with, “I didn’t attack you, Harold.” Due to many opinions on this altercation we decided to ask an Animo Pat Brown student, Shaily Chun, for their opinion to which she responded “I think the fight was not necessary because a physical fight may have resulted worse than a conversation.”

During Prince Harry’s time serving in the army, Harry claims to have killed twenty five people serving with the British army in Afghanistan. Prince Harry states “So, my number: Twenty-five. It wasn’t a number that gave me any satisfaction. But neither was it a number that made me feel ashamed,” he writes. Harry talks about not viewing those who he’s killed as people instead as chess pieces being removed from the board. Harry has stated “killing those with the British army is as bad as being taken away before they could kill goods.”

In the book Prince Harry also talks about Princess Diana’s death and how it caused unresolved grief in his life. Diana’s death is a very big part of his memoir. Princess Diana died August 31, 1997 due to injuries from a car crash. Harry was only twelve years old when he lost his mother. His mother’s death caused him so much disbelief. He couldn’t accept her death, “For a long time, I just refused to accept that she was— she was gone,” Harry said. “Part of, you know, she would never do this to us, but also part of, maybe this is all part of a plan.” He would always have hope everyday that his mother would be alive. He never lost hope.

He also includes the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. He speaks about when he found out her health condition wasn’t very great. He found out her health conditions weren’t that great in September 2022, his dad Charles was the one to inform him he said “ the Queen’s health had taken a turn”. She then died September 8 ,2022 He also says her death was very sad. “While this final parting brings us great sadness, I am forever grateful for all of our first meetings,” Prince Harry said in his tribute to Queen Elizabeth. Harry also states “the Queen is a guiding compass to many.” She was admired and respected by many people. Harry is forever grateful for the memories he created with her. He is also very grateful that she got to meet her great grandkids.

Prince Harry talks about future negotiations with his wife Meghan. Harry and Meghan decide to leave England. They left but we’re still hoping to maintain some royal duties. They were also hoping to still have the security that came with their titles. But if they left they weren’t allowed to take any security and will no longer have the queen represent them.

A topic Prince Harry brings awareness to in his book is mental health. Harry speaks on the importance of men’s mental health due to many men, including himself, unwilling to seek therapy. Furthermore, he states the United States is more accepting of those people seeking help unlike British people. In addition, after a physical fight between Prince William and Prince Harry, Harry states “If I wasn’t doing therapy sessions like I was and being able to process that anger and frustration, I would’ve fought back, 100%.” From what was stated, it’s clear Harry feels improvement in his mental health and emotions despite the refusal in therapy at the beginning.

Although King William was married to a well-known Princess, Princess Diana and had two children with her. Several years after her passing, King William met now Queen Camila and decided to marry her despite being asked not to by his children, Prince Harry and Prince William. In the book “Spare” Harry states in his memoir “I recall wondering, right before the tea, if she’d be mean to me. If she’d be like all the wicked stepmothers in storybooks. But she wasn’t. Like Willy, I did feel real gratitude for that,” he writes after getting to know Queen Camila. Furthermore, two Animo pat brown students were asked what they thought of King William’s new marriage, to which one student, Jazmine Martinez, responded “I believe it’s good for him because it looks good for his monarchy.” Meanwhile, another Animo Pat Brown student, Shaily Chun had a different opinion and stated “I think Prince William just got married to receive the label as king and also for his benefit.”

Overall, the book “Spare” caught the attention of many people and left them satisfied after reading a well written book. Prince Harry’s memoir reached the top of the bestseller list and it is clear as to why. Despite this book being written by a Prince, the book did very well in entertaining his audience and spreading awareness on important matters such as mental health.