College Enrollment Continues Dropping

By Michelle G. & Marielis A.

Attendance has dropped in American college campuses ever since 2010. By fall 2014, there were 812,069 fewer students enrolled in college campuses.

Some critics argue that the enrollment is dropping due to the improvement of the economy.drop_out[1]

Since the economy is improving more people go back to work instead of signing up for additional degrees.

The two types of colleges with the biggest decline are community colleges and for-profit universities. The majority of the students who attend these colleges are from low-income families. Low income families choose these colleges because they are cheap, don’t require SAT scores, and are close to home. Since 2010, enrollment at community colleges have fallen by more than 820,000 students.

The decline in enrollment for for-profit, on the other hand, is due its offers of worthless degrees that leave students with big debt.

College graduates make almost double the amount high school graduates make. Getting a college degree is what ensures students into the middle class. That is why president Obama was trying to make the first two years of community college free because they are the gateway to getting a higher education and into the middle class.

College fund savings

College fund savings


America needs to ensure that low income students can go to college. Some students decide to not go because it is impossible for them due to economic reasons.

APB senior Joana Juarez explained that it’s not only due to economic

reasons but also the lack of motivation.

“They are incapable of continuing college because they don’t have influence or motivation to continue. They think it’s a waste of time so they settle for minimum wage.” she said.

Silvia explained that some people like the rich think that a higher education is not necessary.

“They think that they are too smart and that education is not necessary” she said.

She also mentioned that people can have personal or financial reasons for not enrolling in college.

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