Written by Sarai Flores and Edith Gutierrez

     The last dance for Seniors has finally arrived. Prom is a dance where seniors can dance and have fun before the next chapter of their life starts. Many students have been preparing for this day for many weeks ahead or even months.

Student Council member, Anndrea Vasquez, “I got my dress on February, it took me a whole day to get my bag, my shoes, jewelry and all that”. This senior prepared 2 months in advanced, which many other seniors actual did as well.

This year the prom venue was at a new location, Hilton Hotel at Long Beach. It was really nicely decorated, with a buffet dinner, and great music. The theme for prom was ”A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.  Although this theme has been repeated before, this student council class was able to make it unique for the class of 2019.

“ I thought prom was the best ever experience in my life, I thought it was really fun like I loved how exciting it felt to get ready and to take pictures and the venue was super beautiful super amazing, super elegant, loved it”, said Marlene.

Although prom was full of excitement the most exciting part was who was going to win Prom King and Queen.

This years court nominees for Prom King were Jorge Lopez, Everette Bouldin, Josue Cuchillo, Angel Herrera, and Pedro Barreras. The nominees for Prom Queen were Melanie Alarcon, Erika Aguilar, Jocelyn Carranza, Karen Plascencia and Adrianna Ruiz. In the end the Prom King and Queen winners were Jorge Lopez and Melanie Alarcon.

“It was pretty unexpected, I didn’t think I would win, it was tough competition, but it was cool. It was really cute.“ Prom Queen, Melanie said.

“Same. I thought my boy, Everett was going to win, also unexpected because there was a couple of people that I thought were going to win,” Prom King, Jorge said.

Not only did us seniors enjoy our prom but our teachers and staff seemed to enjoy prom as well.

Mr. Sandoval said ,“I liked it, in comparison I liked the venue, I thought it was really nice,

I liked the food way better, it was food that you would actually eat, that teenagers would eat.”

Mr. Sandoval wasn’t the only person that valued the change of the food, most seniors also agreed that the food choices were great, it was very nice to see a variety of food to choose from.

What was also a hit was the music, “I thought the DJ was okay, like other times people would be unhappy with the DJ but like I feel like it was kind of the right vibe, it was kind of going to a quince, the music was kind of the thing that you would hear at our community, I think the only thing that would have been missing  was to have a live grupo and that would be like the epitome like a party from this community”, a teacher said.

Over all this years prom dance was a huge success that many students enjoyed.

Everyone had a great time and looked amazing. “I also thought that the outfits were nice  everybody put in a substantial look that looked good . I think that it was very successful, and it thrived”, Mr Sandoval stated.


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