Clash of Clans

From goblins and wizards to archers and giants. Clash of Clans has storm all iOS and Android devices. A strategy game that’s free for download has hit the nation and as well parts of Europe and Asia. With a calculated revenue of approximately $892 million and still counting it has made itself to special advertising on YouTube and as well into your broadcast television commercials. First started in 2010 with just 60 staff members Supercell made an expansion as mobile products started to pick up the games and get popular. Recently an update in March of 2014 got more people connected as for the update contain the ability to join a clan and battle each other for special loot and trophies. This update was called clash wars.

Remember Candy Crush? Well it was a popular game available to mobile devices that everybody was so addicted of playing and moving on to the next level. When I went around asking people what was hot this year in mobile devices I received many responses but based on the survey that was conducted, here in APB, there was five top response.

5% said Angry Bird

10% siad Plants vs Zombies

15% said Candy Crush

20% said Flappy Bird

50% said Clash of Clans

Over all the most common game application that’s taking over APB is Clash of Clans. As said by Eddi a current senior, “aw man I hated Clash of Clans at first because I used to see it everywhere. Even television! So I gave in and gave it a shot and let me tell you ever since I started playing the game I can’t stop playing it. I even got all my friends into it and they all agree that it’s a very cool game. I can’t wait for the new version of Clash of Clans come out”

Like popular game they are addictively played, but only for a short period of time and then people move on to the “next big thing”. I want to hear it from you guys. What do you think about Clash of Clans and if I left out a popular game please leave a comment.


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