Super Bowl XLIX



Before Superbowl 49

At a Superbowl, two of the nations best football teams have the ability to compete for the top spot and prove that they are the current year’s best team. The two teams that made it to the Superbowl this year, are the Seattle Seahawks & The New England Patriots. The Seahawks are looking forward to defend their championship title and claim themselves back to back champions if they manage to win. The Patriots on the other hand haven’t attended a SuperBowl Championship game since 2012, where they went against the New York Giants and lost to a total 4 pts. Due to the “helmet catch”, a lucky play that occurred when Eli Manning was being deflected by many Patriots players, they were able to launch the ball to his receiver David Tyree who was 32-yards away. The catch was a miracle, which lead them to win SuperBowl 46.

Results of Superbowl 49

Coincidently, the same thing happened at Superbowl 49; on the last two minute mark when Seahawk’s quarterback, Russell Wilson, launched the ball to Jermaine Kearse, he luckily caught the ball that took them to the half yard line of the end zone. The Seahawks had the opportunity to win Super Bowl 49 if they would have just ran the ball with Marshall Lynch which would have allowed them to gain a lead of 3 points with a field goal. But the wrong play was called, where they decided to throw the ball. Right when they had the opportunity to win the game they made this unfortunate decision and lost the game. Many Seahawk fans were shocked by the decision that was made, but, as seen in all previous Superbowls, we must always expect the unexpected. In the end, the patriots ended up winning and Tom Brady was given the MVP award.

Principle Joshua Hartford addressed that the Patriots will win the Seahawks because, “Tom Brady is one of the greatest football players in the world and deserves his fourth Super Bowl win”. Principle Hartford also addressed that,”Tom Brady will have many surprises for the Seahawks.”

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