Animo Pat Brown’s first Back to School dance

Animo Pat Brown had a Back to School dance on Friday, September 16, and students from all grades came to enjoy this event.

This dance is important because it’s the first dance of the school year for both the freshmen and the new champions staff.

Freshman Jose Rodriguez had a good experience on his first high school dance. “My friends and I had a lot of fun,” Jose said.”In middle school I didn’t go to many dances, and here I was dancing a lot with my friends. I just feel that more people should have gone, and there should had been better snacks.”

     Some students have found other dances from the past enjoyable and have had great experiences attending them. Junior Elizabeth Aquino said, “I like going to school dances because they are enjoyable and fun, and my friends and I have a good time.”

“I’m kind of nervous because you don’t know if people are going to show up or not,” Champions Director Rosa Lopez said. She expected  at least 100 people show up.

Champions also set goals in order to achieve a successful event. “I expect for everyone to have  a good time and enjoy the music,” said Rosa.

Rosa also said that they coordinated the dance with the help of Student Council; they are fundraising money with the photo booth and by selling snacks.

The photo booth was a new addition to the school dance that many students looked forward to. Students were able to take photos with their friends for only $1.

After the dance, Student Council said that the fund raising had been “successful.” Student Council member Katia Martinez said that they made $100 from the photo booth.

“In my perspective it was successful, but I expected more people to come,” Katia said. “We are going to use this money for student events that are going to occur during the year.”

Elizabeth Aquino said that she “liked it, but it could have been better because not many people went and most of the people were sitting down.”

Elizabeth added that even though she didn’t really like this dance as much as others, she will still go to other future school dances. She hopes they will be “better and funner so more people dance and have a good time.”

Sophomore Frank Camarena said, “The dance was pretty fun ,but it could have been better.”

He said he might go to other dances. He expects that in the next dances there will be more people and more diverse music.

“I enjoyed the dance because I liked the photo booth and I got to take a picture with my best friend,” Junior Yesenia Gonzalez said.

However, she also said that for future dances she would like if there could be more variety in music and free tacos.

Senior Diana Aldana also said that she really liked the photo booth.

She would have prefer that more people attended.

“One hundred and two people signed in,” Rosa Lopez said after the dance. “It was a lot of fun, and by 6:30 there was a crowd.”

At a certain time they had to stop letting people go inside the school because it was already late and they needed security inside.

To Rosa and many students, the first Back to School dance was overall a success. Rosa Lopez looks forward to the future dances of the school year.

“We want to do a Halloween dance, but we think it’s too soon for another dance,” Rosa said. “But for sure we are going to have one more dance before winter break.”


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