Obama Care

Obama care   is a subject that is on everyone’s mind. Do we need it? Will it benefit all of us? How will it affect unemployed people? But the most important concept we need to know is what Obama Care is. Obama Care is a form of public health insurance that should come in to full affect by January 1st of 2014.  Obama Care was approved by Congress on March 23, 201o and will continue to roll out  until 2022.  A person that does not have private medical insurance needs to buy Obama Care. The way you apply for Obama Care is by submitting an application, if you have a family of four or if you had a life changing event. Though the deadline for enrolling is December 15, 2013.

The official name for Obama Care is “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” or PPACA. A common misconception is that Obama Care replaces private insurance, but if you have Kaiser and any other type of private insurance you do not have to apply for Obama Care.  If you do have private health insurance you can apply for Obama Care to get a reduced amount of money paid for co-payments and coinsurance, this is called the premium assistance.

Covered California is a sector of Obama Care. It is not a private a health insurance company and has many types of services that benefits the general public.  The services included are ambulatory services, any type of emergency services, hospitalization, and any type of care for  maternity and newborns.

Many people think that this new health care law will hurt the country’s economy, but PPACA is already funded for. It’s a common misconception that this law is unconstitutional for obligating people to buy healthcare, but in reality it’s beneficial to them in the long run. It is recommended to apply for Obamacare in order to avoid the fine and to receive beneficial healthcare benefits. To buy healthcare packages visit the link below. To learn more about PPACA, visit the second link.


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