Apple, Ebay, and APB Hacked!!


Apple’s “Activation Lock” feature that came standard on the iPhone 5S is a “kill switch” that allows iPhone users to completely lock their cellular devices if it stolen or lost. A disadvantage that comes with this safety feature is that it will erase data from the device if someone attempts to use an iPhone without proper access. Although Apple has incredible safety precautions, Team doulCl’s (iCloud backwards) has found a simple way to hack and implement users IP address. They do it by notifying Apple users with an illegitimate message saying that a user must sign into the cloud. As a result, these users sign in and give their information to the hackers. As soon as people put in their information then the hacker is able to manipulate all of their personal most secretive information. Take for instance, if a user has information for a bank account, or any accounts that deal with currency then they can be overridden and the hackers can take that money. It is also said that with text messages and emails these same hackers can make all contacts fall for different types of scams.


Similar to the Apple incident, eBay had an alert directed for all users for the sole purpose to reset their password. Without suspicion and with a thought of renewal or back up support for one’s profile many individuals fell for the scheme? As a result, the British sector of eBay lost around $839950.00 United States dollars. Unfortunately, many people had their profiles hacked and with that their information for credit cards regarding pay pal were stolen. Around 25,000 pounds (42000.00 U.S. dollars) were stolen from the users and many of the merchandise was lost. Once the intruders were able to surpass the password they were able to attain information that the user could change but it is harder to do so. It may even involve people having to call eBay for a reset in a certain area.



APB:Animo Pat Brown has been a witness to these nefarious scams and frauds. Luckily, Ms. Cox, the APB technology teacher attempts her best to teach the students on the different forms of scams from phishing scams to regular scams. She incessantly works on giving the students the wisdom to avoid these dilemmas. Here are the stories of only a few that have gone through this tedious and strenuous event of getting HACKED.


Christian Martinez, a junior has gotten hacked through his Facebook account. According to him, it was his first time that it happened to him so; he was surprised that it occurred. In Christian’s experience the hacker would write and send inappropriate messages to all of his friends. The hacker also liked posts that he did not like and that he would never imagine himself liking, ever. As a result of this horrible incident, Martinez decided to just change his password to a more difficult one to encrypt. Since then the hacker has gone away and Christian has gained his social media experience back.


In Jonathon Cardenas’ experience with being hacked it was extremely appalling because he was not hacked by any ordinary hacker. Cardenas was hacked by the police. According to him he was hanging out with friends and once he was finished he went home. He received a phone call and all he heard was static. He says, “With that phone call they were tracing me.” Then once he reached his house he received a phone call, turned around and he noticed that the police were right behind him in a police vehicle. He was startled and he ran into his house. He then just became aware of those calls and if he receives these calls he ignores them.


Emyshia, an instagram famous individual was unfortunately hacked. The hackers took over her profile because she had too many followers. As a result, of this horrible incident they altered her biography, they deleted pictures that received tons of likes, they unfollowed friends that have not been gained to this day, family that was far away was deleted, and they even followed people that she would never follow. According to Emyshia she had 15,000 followers; luckily, today she has her profile back and currently has 18,000 followers and growing. She is now more careful on who she follows and who she allows to follow her plus; she has generated a more difficult password to decipher.



Stephany Martinez was recently hacked through her Facebook account. “At first it started with small glitches here and there” she said, but soon she became aware of a potential hacking, but it wasn’t until her friends came up to her asking what she wanted. She didn’t realize it, but the hacker was sending messages to her friends asking them if they wanted to work while at home and make easy money. The intruder also friend requested many people as well as denied requests to others. The intruder also sent inappropriate photos to many of her friends. As a result, she had problems with her friends because they didn’t appreciate that nonsense. According to Martinez she was very much nonchalant about the situation maybe because it isn’t the first time that it has happened. Furthermore, to stop all the malarkey and in-school-conflict she just created a new Facebook page that is now more stringently guarded.



Similarly to Stephany Martinez, Liliana Chavez was a victim of an Instagram hacker. She had approximately 600 followers, but unfortunately, when the intruder gained accesses to her account through her email address her followers slowly decreased. Besides this her photos were erased and the intruder began following people that Chavez does not show interest in. To make sure that something like this was never to happen again she took drastic measures and she changed her email password to a very convoluted one and then she proceeded to change her instagram passcode as well. She has not been hacked since and she is in a mode of recovery on her way gaining followers.


Lastly, the most recent of all hacks has been the one with Omar Cervantes. He was on Facebook when suddenly he was logged off. Cervantes was not sure of what was going on and he tried to login in, but couldn’t, he was hacked. Nonetheless, I can share the story from my perspective because the hacker tried to make me fall for his malevolent scheme. He said, “guess what, I found a webpage that is glitching and sending out those new iPad airs for free, I got one this morning, want one?” I was instinctively frightened because I was talking to a hacker later on the intruder sends me a link to With knowledge of this online behavior I ignored him. As a result, Omar changed his password as soon as possible and gained access to his profile.


Overall, through the experience with intruders that these people have crossed what they did may serve as tips to follow in order to avoid having unwanted people violate ones privacy and do things with ones belongings that are malevolent and unnecessary.

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