Unfair,confusing uniform policy

Animo Pat Browns uniform policy couldn’t get any more confusing students are allowed to wear black , grey , and white shoes and undershirts, but not sweaters ?

Spanish teacher Stacey Harding said “I like the uniforms policies because it keeps students professional and focused.”she believes that the policy isn’t unfair,but that it can be confusing. Harding says that the uniform benefits students and stops them from showing too much cleavage and other body parts.she wouldn’t change anything about our confusing APB uniforms.

Expressing his view on this conflict, Senior Jovanny Estrada believes that “the uniform policy keeps us the student safe ,organized , and concentrated in school.” Jovanny says that “unifroms keep the school and students safe because that way student outfits wont be related to  any gang colors or anything gang related. Uniforms help staff keep the school in order, if students were in free dress everyday staff wont be able to tell the difference between who is part if the school or who is just visiting.”

Although many students don’t mind wearing the uniform to school they do think it is unfair and unreasonable that we aren’t allowed to wear grey and white sweaters. What is the reason behind this? There is not much difference between wearing grey and white undershirts and wearing sweaters of those colors. These are neutral colors and are not affiliated with any sort of gang activity.